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This sounds too good to be true! You’re saying that this plan doesn’t cost the employer anything, and it doesn’t cost the employee anything… AND the employer experiences a savings in FICA tax of $550 per employee per year AND the employees experience an INCREASE in their paycheck?

How can that be? Where does this money come from?

This is just one set of questions we are continually asked. Discover the answer of this and many other frequently asked questions below.

This Sounds too Good to Be True - What's the Catch?

The backbone of this program is IRS Code Section 125 benefit that provides a pre-tax claim payment made in real time within the employee’s paycheck on a non- taxable basis.

Further, the program offers a suite of clinical health services through a proprietary digital platform that qualify as reimbursable medical expenses under the 213(d)-tax code.

These transactions render the employee with a lower taxable income, but an increase in take home pay.

As a result, the employer greatly reduces the payroll tax burden resulting in an increase bottom-line profit, monthly cash flow and employee productivity.

Would this plan have to replace any existing company health insurance plan?

No, this is not major medical plan. However, it will compliment a major medical plan and provide benefits for those not currently utilizing or accessing the company-sponsored major medical plan offered due to costs.

We already have a supplemental plan. Why would we need another?

Most supplemental programs (such as AFLAC) have extremely low participation rate due to the out-of-pocket cost to the employee.  

The Elysian program has a national participation rate of approaching 90% resulting from no out-of-pocket expense to the employee AND an annual increase of take-home pay somewhere between $800-1000.

With this plan, the higher the participation rate, the higher the corporate saving on FICA taxes.

I think my company considered a similar program before and it didn’t fit our needs at the time. Why would yours?

While many there are many MEC (Minimal Essential Coverage) plans and Supplemental Wellness plans available, unless they are structured and administered in a way that renders an offering as benefit rich while providing the company with a FiCA tax credit of $550 per participating employee… it’s simply not the same.

What is the eligibilty of our employees?

Eligibility is determined by providing us with a simple census – most employees are eligible unless they are earning well above $160k or below $330 weekly in gross wages.

We already have a Tele-Doc through either our primary and/or supplemental insurance. Why would we need another?

Whatever “tele-doc” program you currently have is, most-likely, either costing your company or your employees to access either through monthly premium or co-pays.

This program would save your company money on any existing tele-doc costs and would significantly reduce “usage” against your major medical.

This major medical “usage” usually renders increase in premium costs the following year.

We have multiple locations throughout the country. How easy would it be to set up?

Multiple locations are not an issue for us.  We have an enrollment team that travels throughout the Country, and all educational materials are delivered digitally.

We have many ways to help educate employees which is why are participation is upwards of 90%

Can I get this program through my Insurance Agent that handles our current health and benefits plans?

No, this is a proprietary program only offered directly through a Master General Broker and Independent Representatives aligned with Elysian Healthcare.

However, we are happy to engage with your current Insurance Agent so they can better understand how this unique plan can work in concert with any existing benefits.


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